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Youth Empowerment Summit- Huntsville

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

This weekend RCE SKILLS academy hosted the Huntsville Youth Empowerment Summit.

It was an honor to be able to speak at this event and pour into the lives of the youth.

The program was packed with information to help set the youth up for accelerated growth in the areas of future preparation. They learned that when you invest only $100 a month from the age of 24 to 65 that amount will grow to 1 million dollars! When most people are just getting by on retirement they can become self-made millionaires!

My message for the youth was to go for phenomenal living instead of nominal living. Being average is nominal and living authentically and uniquely is phenonmenal!

The general outlook was inspiring and motivating. My kids really enjoyed it and they are looking forward to the next one!

Kids are never too young to fulfill their dreams...

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