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"The temperature of society is based   upon the thermostat of families."
EmmaSara McMillion HSBN
Families of Change Movement EmmaSara McMillion

"the future of our nation rests upon the
shoulders of families to create change."


Hide and Seek


We believe Families should be UNITED in faith.


Scripture tells us that a house divided will fall, so we provide resources for the entire family which are designed to train and equip households to operate in unity. Families that operate in unity are more resilient against spiritual attacks.

Father and Son Playing


We believe all children should be PROTECTED from grooming and abuse.

Ever year hundreds of thousands of children are abused or abducted. We train parents in situational awareness to protect children from becoming victimized.

Modern Architecture


We believe Biblical morality should be the foundation of society.

The Family of Change Movement is COUNTER CULTURAL, and we are bold in our response to the immoral indoctrination of children.  Our goal is to make society a safer place for children to live. Educating families about the unseen dangers is a first-line defense.​

Families of Change Podcast EmmaSara McMillion